COVID19 Special from Master Marimba builder - Jim McCarthy
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Marimba - professional five octave concert instrument made at home

Are You in Isolation or Lockdown right now?

Are You Staying at Home to avoid Covid19 Issues?

Why not Make a set of Marimba Bars in your garage?!

Watch Master Marimba Builder create a 5 Octave set of Marimba Bars

See 100% of the process on video with full explanations in real time.

Jim McCarthy - Master Marimba Builder
Hello - I'm Jim McCarthy....
Owner of Custom Marimbas Canada and creator of the Marimba making guides at

Like many people around the world right now I am staying at home a lot! Thankfully I'm not in a virus lockdown, but many people out there ARE in isolation and want something to DO whilst staying at home.

So here's a great idea!!!

How about I make a full 5-octave set of marimba bars for you!

I'll go through each and every step - video the whole lot - explain each part as I go - What I'm doing and why - answer your questions. I'll show you how I do it and you can do it right along with me if you want to - now or later!

These will be excellent quality bars - fully professional - all overtones tuned precisely - cross tones wedged out - the best you can get!

You can just watch and learn if you like - or you can build your own set of bars right along side me.... virtually in your own garage.... or make them later when it suits you. It's all up to you.

Normally this sort of thing would cost quite a bit, but we are all in this together... so for a very limited time whilst we are all self isolating, you can get this great set of videos and info for just $12!!!

This project is going LIVE on WEDNESDAY APRIL 1st (no - it's not an April fools :) ) at approximately 4AM GMT (that about 10AM where I am in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - GMT-6.00) But you can still get on board for a very LIMITED TIME for the introductory price. Go to the sales page HERE:

I want to get these videos!

I'm really looking forward to sharing the fantastic journey of making a fully professional set of marimba bars with YOU!
Spots are limited because I'm answering all your questions too - so don't delay!

Sincerely... Jim McCarthy.

Check Out my Video "Introducing the P524 Marimba"

Here's some bars I've made recently - YOUR bars could look just like this!

Polished padauk marimba bars
Padauk and Purpleheart marimbas